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The Braums at Mustang Rd. And I-40 served me a raw, pink, cold burger the manager on location was more helpful then corporate when I tried to contact them on their policies.

They do not care about customer satisfaction, I got a generic email which gave a lot of lip service saying how concerned they were and how a DM would contact me to fix any problems I had, and guess what no response from anyone. To me if the cared about the customer they would give you an actual number at corporate to contact someone to fix problems that a store cannot fix instead of only providing an email so they can contact you at their convenience or choose to not contact you at all. Anyway after a raw burger and poor customer service I am done with Braums and looking forward to the Dairy Queen opening up in Yukon, Ok. So I can give them my business.

It looks like the story will be in reverse this time, like a poster commented earlier on how when Braums was on their game the DQ's started to thin out in the area, but looks like now it is going to be the other way around. I will do my best to spread the word on my disappointing visit and how upper management at Braums handles problems with their customers.

Review about: Braums Burger.

Reason of review: Низкое качество товара или услуги..

I didn't like: Bad managment.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #1230090

It's always funny when someone visits a cynical fast food outlet and acts all surprised when the outlet does exactly what they are designed to do. But wait, you got a canned response from the company who palmed your annoying trivial issue off to an area manager?

No way, get right out of town!

Honestly, the fact that we tolerate and patronize these businesses is bad enough, but when people visit and then act all surprised and haughty... ugh the ignorance.

to Anonymous #1504614

How the *** is a raw burger a trivial issue? It's a potentially life threatening issue if it gives you E. Coli.No one expects to get raw burgers when they order them at Braums, so I have no idea what you're trying to convey honestly.

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